Stay a while


At Seven Inlets Spa in Shelton, Washington, your spa service appointment is just the beginning of your journey. Linger a while and discover an entire sanctuary of relaxation. Take advantage of these amenities to get the most out of your spa day.

Locker Rooms

The Locker Rooms provide a comfortable place to prepare for your message and/or spa treatments. This is a secure space to change your clothes, store your belongings and freshen up. Complete with facilities, vanities, showers, sauna and the Eucalyptus Steam Room, you will find a welcoming area for your journey ahead.

Eucalyptus Steam Room

The clean refreshing scent of Eucalyptus has long been used in steam rooms throughout the world. Within seconds of stepping in, your breathing and respiratory system will immediately benefit as it opens up nasal passages and helps with breathing. As a disinfectant, it helps eliminate bacteria and germs in the air, warding off infection.

Meditation Room

At the core of the spa is a place to let completely go. The Meditation Room offers a quiet place to reflect and relax before, after or in between your treatments. Surrounded by elements of the Pacific Northwest and sounds of tranquility, the Meditation Room is a place where you can return to center.

Red Wood Dry Sauna

Sauna sessions have been known to carry health benefits such as improved circulation, stress reduction, and increased metabolism. 

Women who are expecting should refrain from entering any sauna for the length of their pregnancy.

Open Seven Days a Week

10am - 6pm | Sunday-Thursday

10am - 8pm | Friday-Saturday